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Upcoming litter – Beskidiana (PL)

  DÉESSE Splendeur Dorée is going to be mated with IWO Wierciłapa. Both have HD-A, ED-0 and healthy eyes. Puppies will be expected at the end of summer/early autumn. More at our homepage

To All of You from All of us

Studlist update: Nelum-Himalis FILIP (FIN)

FILIP Nelum-Himalis is a son of URSUS di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco and ENIGMA Nelum-Himalis. He has A-hips an 0 Elbows. I For more info

Barbet pups in Ottawa, Ontario

A lovely litter was born July 4th in Ottawa, Ontario to breeder Tammy Allarie. The dam Wyllow Biscay’s Grand Opal and sire Chmurnik z Gorki Podduchownej.  They are pictured below from this past weekend and are 7 weeks old. For more information about this litter – contact Tammy at

Seven pups born in Aquatilia (NED)

BARBEDOUX BRAILLE ERUDIET (DISTEL) has given birth to seven little Barbets. All pups are black, and Distel has now three sons and four daughters. Father is NOVAFORESTA DUPLO. More info on Aquatilia website.

The Institute of Canine Biology

The Institute of Canine Biology  aims at establishing fruitful interaction between the scientists and the dog breeders and owners to enable the important information sharing. ICB officially launched the Breeding for the Future program in June 2014, with the goal of assisting breeders in implementation of modern, scientific principles in their breeding programs. ICB is providing […]