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Jean Castaing LE CHASSEUR FRANÇAIS Avril 1954.

Un des buts primordiaux d’un club est d’assurer le progrès des qualités des races, ou au moins leur maintien si, par hasard, la perfection est atteinte déjà, la concurrence étant le meilleur stimulant. Sans doute, au sein d’un club, la concurrence existe entre les éleveurs, chacun de ces derniers nourrissant l’ambition de produire mieux que […]

A French water dog from England with Germans in Croatia

A year ago, we decided to expand our pack and a acquire a second Barbet. It was not easy to decide from which litter we would want a dog. When choosing, it was important to us that our future dog would have just as much drive as our first Barbet Bluna du Bois des Buis. […]

ARTICLE: The early tracks of the Barbet by Leendert Bosman

This article may come as total suprise for You. Leendert Bosman have written an article about Barbet roots. Given the knowledge of the author and the depth analysis of sources may this article be the first (of series to come) that deals with all myths and misinterpretation of breed’s history. Good reading The early tracks […]

Barbet – owner’s persepctive

New article written by Eva Olsson, orignally published on click on image to read it.

The myth of hypoallergenic dogs

“hipoallergenic, hypoallergenic “cosmetics: does not stir up allergies” – PWN Polish Dictionary That’s right, “cosmetics”. More and more children and even adults  suffer from various kinds of allergies, it is estimated that  more than 20% of the population in developed countries has allergies of some sort. And as we know, demand creates supply, so the […]

Current FCI Breeds Nomenclature: who, when, how?

Courtesy of FCI NEWSLETTER (articles were rearragned by date of their creation) When the FCI Newsletter’s Editorial Committee contacted him (Prof. Raymond Triquet) about the preparation of the current FCI Breeds Nomenclature, Prof. Raymond Triquet, former member and President of the FCI Standards Commission, was happy to explain the circumstances in which he prepared this […]