(R)evolution of the standard

The table below shows the evolution of the standard and revolution made by JC Hermans done in order to bring the breed as close as possible to his view of breed as a bigger brother of poodle. The first major rearrange was done in 1987, Hermans model dog was Ulyssia des Marécages du Prince, daughter of two shelter dogs – Lynx and Serynoire. The changes (also done in 1999 and 2006) were concentrated on eradicating out the old lines from the breed and changing the shape of the breed, by raising f.e. the minimal heights –  since 87′ the allowed heights of the males raised from 45-55 cm to 58-65cm. Another example are front angulations added in 1999 “The scapulo-humeral angle varies between 110° and 115°“, Barbet never had such angulations (this angulations are not desirable in working breed, the reach of arm is short, and dog has a tendency to walk on his toes not on the whole feet) in his standard, if You are looking for the source of this “amendment”….You can look at the Poodle standard which saysThe shoulder blade forms an angle of approximately 110° to the humerus.” This is where Hermans founded his inspiration.