Studlist update: Novaforesta Laural Oak (UK)

Novaforesta Laural Oak was born on 13th of February 2015. He is a son of Novaforesta Dudley and Reed’s Fowling Alexia. He had been tested for hips and elbows – BVA scores – 7/7 and 0/0. He also passed CERF examination on 15th of March 2017. Archie (his callname) weights 28 kg, and reaches 58 cm at whiters.

You can contact his owner at:, and follow his adventures on :


Seven pups born in La serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre (FRA)

Isabeau (IABADA) von der Leibrücke  has given birth to seven pups – (5m/2f) most have a little or a lot of white.They are all doing very very fine!. Proud father is French (FROGGY) Lover de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. Parents have A and A/B hips; eyes clear. Father has 4/6 SCC selection grid (BCE 1ère catégorie, BICP 7è groupe; chiens d’arrêt)  There are five females and six males. More info at t

Upcoming litter – Barbet Bay (SWE)

We are so very happy to announce that the mating has taken place in Belgium between:

Quaciendas Ruffe Cincarno (Ricard) (b. 20130702)
Diploma Test Of Social Behavour, MyDogDNA, Hips A, Eyes Clear
Height: 58 cm, Weight: 27 kilos


Batterikullens Goody Goody, (Matisse) (b. 20111020)
MyDogDNA, Hips B, Elbows 0, eyes OK (Very mild Distichiasis)
Height: 53,5 cm, Weight: 22 kilos

More info at Kennel Barbet Bay´s website

Upcoming litter – Barbet Bay (SWE)

We are so very happy to announce our mating plans for Spring 2017 between

JChPL, ChPL FAZI Konstelacja Malej Niedzwiedzicy.

Hips A, Elbows 0, Eyes Clear

Height: 58 cm, Weight: 26,5 kilos




Barbet Bay´s Bellamie, 3 BIR/BOB, 3 CK, 3 CERT, CACIB


Hips B, Elbows 0, Eyes Clear, Embarks All Clear 20170330,

Height: 52,5 cm, Weight: 19 kilos


Inbreeding in 4 generations 0.0%

Inbreeding in 5 generations 2.98%

Inbreeding in 14 generations 7,24%


More info and updates at