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Studlist update: Novaforesta Laural Oak (UK)

Novaforesta Laural Oak was born on 13th of February 2015. He is a son of Novaforesta Dudley and Reed’s Fowling Alexia. He had been tested for hips and elbows – BVA scores – 7/7 and 0/0. He also passed CERF examination on 15th of March 2017. Archie (his callname) weights 28 kg, and reaches 58 cm at whiters. […]

Studlist update: JACKO da Capo (GER)

This stunning barbet is JACKO da Capo, born on 7th of October 2014. He is a son of Grace da Capo and Nubie Aqua-Aura Quaciendas. He lives in Germany near Munich . He reached the stud-dog-status in Germany with passing the VAP-VBBFL-Exam in September 2016. He has B/B hips. Jacko has his own FB profile […]

Studlist update: Outdoors JE SUIS CHARLIE

Website Email Breeder Astrid Vonck Date of birth 13-01-2015 Color Pied white and black Height – centimeters 59 Hip/Elbow Exam Organization FCI Hip/Elbow Scores A  

Studlist update : DIANTHUS von Springbell

Name: Dianthus Kennel: von Springbell Date of birth: 1.1.2014 HD B ED 0 Test: VAP Health:Ultrasound: heart+lungs healthy, mydogDNA A very happy, lovely and soft character Contact: Carmela Wyss / More you can see on /zuchtrüden-von-springbell/

New International Champion – Tamino vom Staufener Schlossberg

Tamino vom Staufener Schlossberg (Ollie)  has become a new International Champion. And here is Ollie 🙂

Studlist update: SINDBAD Auf den Dehmerbergen

This is SINDBAD Auf den Dehmerbergen (Monsieur Louis). He was born on 09-09-2012, he has A/A hips and following titles: JW’13, W’13. For more info – – or visit Sindbad’s FB profile