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Barbet de chasse history in one page

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ARTICLE: The early tracks of the Barbet by Leendert Bosman

This article may come as total suprise for You. Leendert Bosman have written an article about Barbet roots. Given the knowledge of the author and the depth analysis of sources may this article be the first (of series to come) that deals with all myths and misinterpretation of breed’s history. Good reading The early tracks […]

There is even The Japanese Barbet if it fits Your current needs

STOP – Barbet photographed in 1904

In 1904 Barbet named STOP had won a retrieving competition in Tuileries (Paris). It is one of the oldest known photos of Barbet. STOP belonged to M. Poreaux.  This photo is a good reference to discussion about what the breed looked like in the past, especially interesting in terms of its coat which is very […]

M. Eugène Cuvelier

This is M. Eugène Cuvelier, one of the first active breeders of Barbets in the end of XIX century (second was M. Arth). He was a breeder of ROSE and NELL and several other Barbets (listed here – and still under construction  – Historical representatives of the breed).  Cuvelier was also  involved in breeding of other Griffon breed […]