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Barbet Preservation Group

The FB group dedicated to all people (owners, breeders) that wants to help and learn about population genetics of our breed, which is rapidly loosing its already low diveristy facing the inevitable and sad future if current trends will continue. In 2012 dr. Leroy counted the Ne (effective population size) of barbet as of 27. […]

Happy New Year !!!

ULYSSE – how to /try/ to ban a dog that You don’t like.

This is ULYSSE photographed in 2012 in Chatel Guyon. ULYSSE itself is a quite phenomenon in Barbet population, his pedigree doesn’t contain any mixes and breeds crossed with Barbet. Just six founders are present in his pedigree (ISLAM, S’GANDAR, PHEBEE, R’LUCKY, NOE and M’DIOUNE). Apart his amazing look, structure and condition, his genes are treasures […]

Standard modification: anonymous alain’s view of how things should be

Yesterday we have received a info about projected modification of standard. There are several points that are going to be discussed (or rather they have been discussed already). The are some  things that hits Your eyes when You read the parts that are going to be modified. First one is height of the dogs (for […]

Trembling story by Eva Olsson

“I have finally, after almost three years, seen a dream come through. 20th May 2012 he arrived to our family. A Barbet – black with white signs and  the most gorgeous male puppy of nine weeks. We had a great puppytime – as for most puppyowner,  shoes in pieces, stolen food, chewed magazines,  pee on […]

International Barbet Symposium

A bit of a summary from the symposium : – Confirm everything. There are too few to select. (Pr Triquet) – Eugène Gayot said in 1865: The Barbet is a dog with a long coat, a beard and loves water. – Un chien à gros poil (since the 17th cent. Pr Triquet) That does not […]