ULYSSE di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco (taken in 2012)

This is ULYSSE photographed in 2012 in Chatel Guyon. ULYSSE itself is a quite phenomenon in Barbet population, his pedigree doesn’t contain any mixes and breeds crossed with Barbet. Just six founders are present in his pedigree (ISLAM, S’GANDAR, PHEBEE, R’LUCKY, NOE and M’DIOUNE). Apart his amazing look, structure and condition, his genes are treasures for small in numbers and struggling with low diversity breed. Quite normally this dog sired his first litter in 2006 in age of three, as the result 12 pups were born all sound and healthy. The problem that on one anticipated was that the was born is Switzerland, where one breeder holds almost infinite power over Barbetiers souls. Decision was quick, pups are “not good enough”, most of them will not be allowed to breed in future, why? “not curly enough”. So it was first blow to ULYSSE, very soon the second one come. In 2007 ULYSSE was officially banned from breeding he was just not good enough in the eye of expert, he was doomed not to have any more litters. It took great struggle (with complaints from Swiss Club again) to allow him to breed again. History made a big circle, in 2012 ULYSSE was presented at the symposium before eyes of French Club Committee and two guests – prof. Triquet and prof. Denis. Verdict was as quick as once was a decision made by Swiss, ULYSSE is a perfect dog. Obviously someone in that circumstances made a wrong evaluation. Either Swiss expert was right or prof. Triquet & Denis were right, and someone have problems with identifying how Barbet should look like. If You ask me I would say that a french professor who is in charge of standards has rather solid background.

We want to keep ULYSSE story alive, as the same expert attempts to wipe out the memory of what was done to ULYSSE and the breed, it is not good for PR, isn’t it?  Solution is to say sorry and apologize, not to hunt down everyone who remembers about ULYSSE do not call Facebook admins for help. If You had done it officially to all of us stick to this, do not pretend how much You care about the breed.

Ulyss-how it is done.
Page from ULYSSE pedigree, with annotation made by “Zuchtwartin Barbet Club Schweiz”Wesenstest bestanden. Der Rüde wird _nicht_ zur Zucht zugelassen” (Character test passed. This male dog will _not_ be approved for breeding.)