PERETTE II born in 1882

[singlepic id=290 w=320 h=240 float=left]For some of use finding anything about Barbets in old books, manuscripts is like finding gold dust in long forgotten river. Sometimes You work for months without results, and then a new day comes, and You realize that You don’t have just gold dust in Your hand, it is not even a heavy nugget, You realize that You have a gold mine beneath You. This happened to us just days ago…by accident, in the place were we have been several times…

As a tip of an iceberg PERETTE II chienne griffon barbet francais” born in 1882, daughter of BIRIBI and PERETTE. Those people didn’t have SCC/FCI or even the standard and somehow they knew what kind of dog they had.

PS. We we will publish everything that we were able to find, but right now, due to thousands of pages to go trough, we have to figure out how to handle that issue.

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