Barbet hunting
Bibiche di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco  and Barbochos Guinness (mother and daughter) were very successful during the
weekend hunting competitions in Vermont, USA  through NAHRA on June 23/24, 2012.
Congratulations to Jacques Cyr, Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada for his time and effort in working with these girls and for his passion to see the Barbet excel in what they were bred to do!

Barbochos Guinness did very well in her best performance yet.  It was a simple ratio of the water with a double entry onto the land and then bring the duck to the master.  Guinness earned two qualifying scores and was awarded ribbons.

In hunting test Bibiche di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco succeeded her two hunter class competitions.
Bibiche has obtained her NAHRA class hunter.  To obtain title to the dog must obtain four successful competitions.  On Sunday, June 24 Bibiche succeeded and completed five class competitions to show all our ability of the Barbet, and to strengthen her title.
Bibiche is titled in NAHRA: SR and HR and in the CKC: WC and WCI

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