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1886/02/25 – Le Chenil

 This is so far oldest known written, precise description of the breed.  Note that a year before (in 1885) two Barbets were presented at “EXPOSITION INTERNATIONALE DE CHIENS A PARIS”, and won prizes. 1886/02/25 – Le Chenil Barbets d’arrêt. TÊTE: Large, front développé, museau un peu court, garni de longues moustaches pendantes. OEIL: Rond, vif,’ […]

Historical references:1907

1907 – “Manuel pratique de l’amateur de chiens […]” – Larbalétrier, Albert Quatrième catégorie: 24e classe. —Le chien courant (G. cursor). 25e — Le basset (C brevierikus tibis. 26e classe. — Le braque (C. sagax). 27e — Le braque de Bengale. 28e — L’épagneul (C. Hispanicus). 29e — Le petit épagneul (C. H. minor). 30e […]

Historical references section

[singlepic id=453 w=320 h=240 float=left]Historical references section has been reworked, to make it easier to navigate We have added the timeline table, and sorted out the most important findings, the new findings will be added to the list on regular basis.   Historical references section    

Exposition in Paris 1885: Thug and Plock receving prizes

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PERETTE II born in 1882

[singlepic id=290 w=320 h=240 float=left]For some of use finding anything about Barbets in old books, manuscripts is like finding gold dust in long forgotten river. Sometimes You work for months without results, and then a new day comes, and You realize that You don’t have just gold dust in Your hand, it is not even […]