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Barbet in numbers: Heights

For the purpose of following a study, we‘ve collected the heights of 174 males including 103 active studs (from around 140 available) and the heights of 112 females including 42 already bred females. The better coverage of male heights is due to the fact that clubs tend to create “Stud Lists” while females are only […]

Barbet in numbers: Hips dysplasia

This an updated version of previous article on hipscores in Barbet breed. At this moment 2951 dogs were taken under consideration. 536 (previous analysis consisted 418 scores) of them had been screened (18,1 % of whole population). In comparison with previous results the changes are minor, 75% of screened dogs are healthy1 (previously 73%), 25 […]

Use of studs (01.09.2012)

[singlepic id=433 w=320 h=240 float=left]As it is necessary to use all available studs to maintain genetic diversity of the breed, therefore we have prepared a short list of all know to us studs. We assume that all studs that have reproduced in last years are still available, also there are studs never used but listed […]

Barbet in numbers: Use of studs

[singlepic id=278 w=320 h=240 float=none] Best way to verify rumours is to make calculations. One could ask how many studs we can choose from those that were used less frequently then three times (why three?, You will get the answer at the symposium) Answer would be 98 from total 123 confirmed and ready to use […]

Barbet in numbers: Hips dysplasia

[singlepic id=276 float=none] Charts above represents the results of Barbet hip scores published on sites around the web. We were able to find and collect around 420 results. Although all of those results were published by owners/clubs, or send directly to us, their credibility shouldn’t be questioned. Chart on the left indicates that around 27 […]

Barbet in numbers – countries of birth (%)

[singlepic id=264 w=640 h=480 float=none] The graph above shows percentage of overall number of birth by each country. The graph includes all known dogs since 1920s