We have been granted permission to post four very interesting interviews, covering fundamental basis of dog’s breeding. as first one we are publishing an interview with Malcolm B. Willis, the name which should be well known to every breeder.

The basic tool kit for responsible breeders – Malcolm B. Willis, BSc, PhD

Our most grateful thanks to George Packard who allowed us to publish  interviews.

“Dr. Willis was a visiting senior lecturer (semi-retired) in Animal Breeding and Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, The University, Newcastle upon Tyne. He died in 2011. He was involved with German Shepherds since 1953 as a fancier and a breeder, and his wife Helen breeds Bernese Mtn. Dogs. He judged German Shepherds since 1959 and Bernese Mtn. Dogs since1991. He served as chairman of the German Shepherd Council and president of the Northern Bernese Mtn. Dog Club. He was made an Honorary Associate of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1996 and analyzed hip score data for the British Veterinary Association.

Dr. Willis’ books include:

The German Shepherd Dog, a genetic history; 1991 (HF & G Witherbys, London) ISBN 0-85493-207-0

The Bernese Mtn. Dog Today 1998 Ringpress, Lydney ISBN 1-86054-084-8

Practical Genetics for Dog Breeders.1992. HF & G Witherbys, London ISBN 0-85493-218-6

“Genetics of the Dog” (H.F.& G. Witherby Ltd,) ISBN 0-85493-176-7″