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The Barbet Revealed – a book by Elisabeth Roest Kempemo and Brigitte Waller-Rengelink

New Barbet book! The Barbet Revealed – a complete guide for the barbet lover – is published! In this hardback book of 308 pages the reader will not miss out on anything he may want to know about the character, caretaking, upbringing and training of the barbet. Furthermore 300+ photos of barbets from all over […]

La FERME de Pâquerette: Issue No74: Barbet

French association which is focused on saving the biodiversity, has published an article concerning Barbet in “old type”.  You can read it here – article le barbet type ancien. The beautiful dog which photo  that opens the article is DAYTONA Ginkgo de Treasures Many thanks to Elaine and of course Association FERME

Barbet – a Service Dog

Today our heroes are William Wallace, Vasco and Walker, all from Biscay Waterdogs (CAN).  Named after Scotch hero, William is currently training at Freedom Guide Dogs for the Blind (NY). Walker will follow Vasco’s pawprints to become service dog trained by COPE. Vasco did excellent job there, finishing course in less than year, while it […]

Update: International Symposium Barbet

The document to be filled has been slightly modified – It can be downloaded here

International Symposium Barbet Questions due by April 30th

On August 4th in France, there will be an International Symposium hosted by the Club du Barbet, Lagotto et autres Chiens de Eau (French Club) and the Société Centrale Canine (French Kennel Club). There will be discussions about the Barbet that will result in a revised Standard. In order to have discussion points, your questions […]