Today our heroes are William Wallace, Vasco and Walker, all from Biscay Waterdogs (CAN).  Named after Scotch hero, William is currently training at Freedom Guide Dogs for the Blind (NY). Walker will follow Vasco’s pawprints to become service dog trained by COPE. Vasco did excellent job there, finishing course in less than year, while it usually takes over two years to complete it.  Both William and Walker, now have several months of hard and intensive training to get ready for their life partners. But is there anything that working Barbet cannot achieve? On the other side of the ocean, in their homeland – Barbets are also trained as service dogs. Ecole de Chiens Guides de Paris (scroll down to the bottom of page) has been donated with whole litter by Elaine Fichter (de la serve de la Chapelle d’ Alexandre).  Respect to the dogs and their breeder – Paula Ballak.