TRAVELLING WITH DOGS IN THE SUMMER : A comprehensive guide by Fiona Lucas

Summer has come again, therefore We recommend reading this excellent article about protecting the dogs from overheating.

“I am a Barbet owner, but I am also a Newfoundland owner hence my freely admitted obsession with avoiding dogs overheating (Newfoundlands have one of the heaviest coats around and, unless a Landseer, are dark in colour too – black or brown in this country)!!! Some of you in the UK may remember a terrible, tragic incident involving the death, from heatstroke, of a van- load of Newfoundlands in a motorway service station car-park, which hit the news headlines in a major way some years ago. I was hyper-concerned before that, but after it, as I say, I am now obsessed and I make no apologies for being so!! First of all TAKE NOTE . . . dogs can overheat, especially in vehicles, at almost any time of year if certain weather conditions prevail. I am lucky enough to have a van specially kitted out for dogs (although no aircon!!) so it is easier than with some cars to put all this into practice, but whatever vehicle you have. . . take care of your dogs!” …read more…

Article was written by Fiona Lucas. Fiona runs two sites be sure to check them – Barbet Chasseur Francais and Barbet Chasseur Francais Blog

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