Studlist update: JACKO da Capo (GER)

This stunning barbet is JACKO da Capo, born on 7th of October 2014. He is a son of Grace da Capo and Nubie Aqua-Aura Quaciendas. He lives in Germany near Munich . He reached the stud-dog-status in Germany with passing the VAP-VBBFL-Exam in September 2016. He has B/B hips. Jacko has his own FB profile : and dedicated homepage where You trace his achievements and view his dog show results, titles and exams : . You can contact his owner at  

Barbet Preservation Group

Come and join Barbet Preservation Group on Facebook. Group is dedicated to all matters concerning the Barbet and its critical situation in terms of genetic diversity.. Here we seek help form professionals to identify problems, work on solutions and create the breeding plan if possible. Everyone is welcome, but when talking, we talk about science not oldwife fairy tales. Breeding issues, statistics, databases, stud lists, day-to-day activities, history, pedigrees etc.. Place to share views and ask questions.

Barbet Preservation Group

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The FB group dedicated to all people (owners, breeders) that wants to help and learn about population genetics of our breed, which is rapidly loosing its already low diveristy facing the inevitable and sad future if current trends will continue. In 2012 dr. Leroy counted the Ne (effective population size) of barbet as of 27. While populations with effective population size below 50 are at immediate risk of extinction.  Barbet is already halfway through its way to disappear. If You are just passing by to earn some money and walk away from breeding, this group is not for You, if You think that everything is fine the group is not for You, if You want to impose further restrictions in breeding the group is not for You, if You think You know all or You don’t have to learn the group is not for You. All others ale welcome. Do something for the breed that You love, it won’t heal itself. Barbet Preservation Group  

Studlist update : DIANTHUS von Springbell

Name: Dianthus Kennel: von Springbell Date of birth: 1.1.2014 HD B ED 0 Test: VAP Health:Ultrasound: heart+lungs healthy, mydogDNA A very happy, lovely and soft character Contact: Carmela Wyss / More you can see on /zuchtrüden-von-springbell/