Hunt test CKC
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We are very pleased to announce that in latest edition of “Hunt Test Rules and Regulations” by Canadian Kennel Club, Barbet has taken a well-deserved place amongst Retreivers, Irish Water Spaniels and Standard Poodles as breed eligible to take part in Hunting Tests.  This would not happen without work done byJacques Cyr from Barbochos 3Rivières and his three amazing Barbets – LOLA MONTES, BIBICHE di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco and GUINNESS Barbochos. It this very rare nowadays to see Barbet actively participating in real hunting, having three successfull Barbets (post about their achievements is yet to come)  under one roof is absolutely unique. Bravo and… Thank You.

Here You can download a “WORKING CERTIFICATE TEST: RULES &REGULATIONS“, where the list of eligible breeds was also extended with Barbets. Since 2009 Barbet can also take place in trials organized by North American Hunting Retriever Association (NORTH AMERICAN HUNTING RETRIEVER ASSOCIATION BOOK OF REGULATIONS FOR TESTING HUNTING RETRIEVERS)