On 26th August 26 Bibiche Di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco earned Working Certificate Intermediate. She is the first Barbet in Quebec and Canada to succeed in this test. “La preuve est fait à tous que notre Barbet est un excellent rapporteur”. More about hunting with Barbets on Jacques’ websiteBarbochos 3Rivieres.com/ Read below to see what dog needs to do to earn the title.

9.2 TheWorking Certificate
Intermediate Test
9.2.1 TheWorking Certificate Intermediate test shall be for
all eligible breeds who have earned the title ofWC.
In the case of a limited entry test, dogs that have
obtained their titles will be entered only after dogs
working toward their titles have been entered. The
tests for theWCI shall be:
(a) Land double
(b) Honour on the land test
(c) Water double
9.2.2 The WCI tests are designed to continue to test the
dog’s natural abilities and to show that he can be a
useful partner on a hunt.
9.2.3 Dogs running in the WCI should be reliable and
steady, under control, show desire and willingness to
work and be able to use their noses. The dog must
deliver to hand, and shall come to the line off lead.
Dogs and handlers are under judgement from the
time they leave the holding blind, throughout the
test, and until they are behind the judges after the
test. The holding blind shall be placed within 22.9
meters (25 yards) of the judges.
9.2.4 Land Double – the angle between the falls shall be
not less than 90 degrees.The birds will land in cover
and not be conspicuous from the line.The falls shall
be approximately 68.6 meters (75 yards) long in
moderate to moderately heavy cover.
9.2.5 Honour – the dog shall honour on the land test.The
honouring dog will be required to sit and stay until
the working dog has made the area of the fall, or
should have made the area of the fall, for the first bird
he is to retrieve. Handlers may not intimidate, or
interfere with either dog during the honour.Handlers
are not to block their dogs’ views of the falls. In the
event of a delay in judging, the judges may permit the
honouring dog to be relaxed in sight of the judges
until the test is ready to resume.
9.2.6 Water Double – the angle between the falls shall not
be less than 90 degrees.The birds will land with a definite
and visible splash 36.6 to 45.7 meters (40 to 50
yards) from the line. One bird shall land in cover.
Decoys are to be used, singly anchored and centrally
located between the 2 marks and visible from the line.
9.2.7 WCI dogs are not required to handle on a mark.
Marking ability, style and desire are of primary
importance. Dogs should return directly to the handler
on whistle command or no command. Verbal
commands must be kept to a minimum and used
only if absolutely necessary when the dog is within
about 4.6 meters (15 feet) of the line, not when he is
out in the field.Gunners and throwers shall not move
after the birds are thrown. Bird pails are to be kept
covered.Guns and blank ammunition are to be used.