Service Dogs

A service dog is a type of assistance dog, specifically trained to help people who have disabilities. Desirable character traits include good temperament or psychological make-up, good health including physical structure, intelligence and trainability.  Dogs that are trained to assist a disabled person in managing various daily activities.  These disabilities/special needs can range from physical; vision, hearing, wheelchair, epilepsy, diabetes, etc, to cognitive, mental and emotional.

Service dogs have full access wherever their human partner goes.  This includes restaurants, bars, airports, buses, trains, taxi cabs, public parks, hotels, grocery stores, and anywhere else their human partner goes.  The purpose of the Service or Guide animal    is to do for that person, what they cannot do for themselves ie: open a door, stop at a stop light, find medications at the appropriate time.  Here is a good resource for Service Dogs

Currently there are many Barbet serving humans in various capacities.
In France, there are Barbet used as Guide dogs, and in assisted living homes as well.


In North America (Canada) the organization C.O.P.E. has started to implement Barbet for their Service Dog work. The dog pictured below is the first Barbet in North America to be training in the Service Field.

Working as a Service Dog can be very rewarding as it implements a “job” for the Barbet to do, and with their fiercely loyal attributes, they make not only an excellent helper, but friend. The Barbet are easily trained with their intelligence, and well suited for working for and with humans based on their temperament.