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Badanie USG potwierdziło to, co dla nas było już prawie pewne od dłuższego czasu, Poli jest w ciąży 🙂 Na ekranie monitora pokazało się kilka bijących barbetowych serduszek. To naprawdę niesamowicie wzruszający moment! Nasza kapryśna futrzasta kinder niespodzianka ma już widoczny brzuszek i humory, że ho, ho…Trudno jej dogodzić, choć… Czytaj dalej
Sat, Sep 15, 2018
Source: Beskidiana (PL)
I am one, maybe the only around in the Barbet world to show such continuity over several even amazes me. These are all males..
Thu, Sep 13, 2018
Source: de la Serve de la Chapelle d GuyGuy was having aches and pains as we all do at a certain age..he seems to be all better now and ready to train me..Coccolina going on 14 is doing well. Suffice to see who is panting..An added dimension to having dogs stay fit.
Thu, Sep 13, 2018
Source: de la Serve de la Chapelle d
The bad things they did to you. The other day..on a social network, something came up about nastiness in the world and the generic response was “it would be so nice if people got along”. So, I responded that it would be just nice if just the people in the Barbet world got along..(haha). My mind wandered on to thinking about a top 10 list of nasties and had a hard time squeezing the offenders in. Trying to condense by country, and ones still alive, was not easy so I tried re-grouping names of countries ( or nicknames)..Here goes! Anyone close to the breed in France..(4?) Several in Swissland: no need to mention the name(s) (1/2). A couple in the uk, not necessarily meaning that but 2/3. Little size nasties in Quebec/Canada (2). Small people are often worse than any others. Narrowing it down, I have space available for 1 in Sweden, even if I am thinking of more. You see, we're already at 10..Not even mentionning the US. Maybe I should count clubs? They alone have done more damage together, individually to the breed than any individual working on his own. You wonder why the breed is a mess? Thank you all the breed clubs for the maketing and massacre. People are finally waking up to what I have been saying for 15 years…which I will not stop saying even if they don't like it.
Thu, Sep 13, 2018
Source: de la Serve de la Chapelle d
A day, any day can become a real challenge..with older dogs. Guyguy had not been sleeping well as of recently..I was not hearing that “ahhhhhhhh” sound one has when you/he hits your/his pillow..he was tossing and I thought there was something not right. Osteopath came very quickly..and hopefully by Thursday he will feel better. No cardio training tomorrow for him. He is eating well and appears to have enjoyed the he always does. He is such a charmer. I think I am much more aware of all this now, because I have aches and pains..too. They deserve undivided attention.
Tue, Sep 11, 2018
Source: de la Serve de la Chapelle d
I hear people telling me about old strain ( vieille souiche) or old blood, and how ALL these professional breeders here and there are working on “getting the old strain back”..and I try not to scream. That is honky bs. HOW? I have been getting calls/emails for puppies, from France, EU countries and as far as the West coast of the USA..People, please be a bit more aware of what you are or not, asking for.A breed threatened for extinction cannot be mass produced! Below left is the cousin of the old strain of the Barbet, the Griffon Boulet and the Griffon Barbet are first cousins. The dog on the right could be a cross between a Poodle, a SWD or the likes. It has nothing to do with a Vieux Barbet (vieille souche/old strain). Now if all you want is the name “Barbet”..then ask for a Barbet Moderne which is a new breed re-incarnated by JC Hermans in the 1980's by crossing Poodles. It's equivalent to a Labradoodle. That is not what I do, nor what I have under my roof, meaning 5 generations of Vieux Barbet/OLD STRAIN>>Vielle souche. Many people claim Vieux Barbet in their key/TAG words, only to sell you a lovely Poodle-type. These lovely professional breeders are everywhere, even where you think you are safe. Their mission is to sell you what they produce…only.Your dog will most likely grow up to look like a NICE Poodle, but no way a Griffon Barbet ( Vieux Barbet). Call it what you wish, but it will not happen. Lastly, for those who do ask questions..:having Ulysse in a pedigree is a sign of nothing, and certainly NOT breeding for the Vieux Barbet.. You will not tell me that the 2 dogs below are related. They are not.This is where JC Hermans, in his better days as a pseudo “historian” led everyone to belive that 100+ years ago, the Barbet was no longer a barbet but not yet a was out there, in limboland ( next to LalaLand..) where all socutesonice dogs crossed and became Barbet MODERNE..I was fed that line, until 2002. Then I woke up. It's time for you all to do the same. Better late than never…before you rush off th get the latest designer..Barbet. Don't say you had not been warned. That is another reason why I do not recommend breeders..and certainly not in France.
Mon, Sep 10, 2018
Source: de la Serve de la Chapelle d
Sat, Sep 08, 2018
Source: Barbet Bay (SWE)
barbet And the winner is?
Artykuł And the winner is? pochodzi z serwisu Barbet kennel Wierciłapa. Artykuł And the winner is? pochodzi z serwisu Barbet kennel Wierciłapa.
Wed, Sep 05, 2018
Source: Wierciłapa (PL)
Bellamie had a haircut today. After that we went for a nice walk by the sea. Lovely feeling green grass under the paws again after a very dry summer.
Sun, Sep 02, 2018
Source: Barbet Bay (SWE)
Miniony tydzień dostarczył wielu wrażeń. Długo oczekiwane spotkanie nadeszło. FRIDA I OSÉ polubili się bardzo :), ufamy naturze, że obdarzy ich pięknym potomstwem. Teraz przed nami najtrudniejszy czas... oczekiwanie.
Fri, Aug 31, 2018
Source: Konstelacja Małej Niedźwiedzicy (PL)
Het intermezzo nest is nu 5 weken oud en ze doen het allemaal reuze goed. De geboorte gewichten zijn nu bijna vertienvoudigd. Onvoorstelbaar snel. Ze eten al vlees en rennen over het terras achter de vroeg-gevallen baadjes aan. The post Intermezzo 5 weeks appeared first on Aquatilia.
Sun, Aug 26, 2018
Source: Aquatilia (NED)
Kilka zdjęć ze spotkania Poli i Iwo. Nie tylko ona uległa niewątpliwemu urokowi tego barbetowego przystojniaka, my również byliśmy pod wrażeniem jego urody i cudownego charakteru. Bohaterów tej galerii jest jednak troje…Czarny chłopak w odblaskowych szelkach to Mons, syn z pierwszego miotu naszego Bruna (Ila x Bruno) i świeżo upieczony… Czytaj dalej
Thu, Aug 23, 2018
Source: Beskidiana (PL)
I Tyskland. Inge Fischer, levnadskamrat med framlidne Rainer T Georgii har skrivit ett tillkännagivande som publicerats i det senaste (augusti 2018) nyhetsbladet från den tyska rasklubben för barbet, VBBFL. Georgii var den som tidigare ägde det i barbetkretsar välkända kennelnamnet Poppenspäler's och som han senare och vid stigande ålder, 2007, överlät till en fransk uppfödare. Samma franska uppfödare är den som i år ertappats med att ha angivit fel hane som far till valpar som registrerades år 2010. Nu avslöjas det nya sensationella resultat i en växande härva av felaktiga uppgifter. Uppgifter som några länge och ihärdigt har försökt att reda ut sen år tillbaks men där den organiserade hundvärlden valt att inte lyssna. Idag finns det ny teknik i DNA-prov som gör det uppenbart och bevisligen mer påtagligt och därmed också svårare att sopa under mattan. Att felaktigheter bör rättas till är självklart men att det ska dröja så lång tid att göra sig hörd och förstådd är enbart ledsamt för såväl ras som berörda människor kring den. Nedan följer ovan nämnda tillkännagivande av Inge Fischer i två språkversioner, tysk och engelsk.
Wed, Aug 22, 2018
Source: Barbet Koi (SWE)