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YET AGAIN (from Fiona Lucas and without apology) – THE SURVIVAL OF THE WORKING BARBET

The following article was written by Fiona Lucas and published on her blog – Barbet Chasseur Francais CAN the barbet survive as a gundog (hunting dog/chien de chasse)?   YES!WILL the barbet survive as a gundog (hunting dog/chien de chasse)? NO!These answers are, of course, purely my personal opinion. I am not talking about the survival of the breed […]

Canadian Kennel Club recognizes Barbet as breed eligible to take part in hunt tests

We are very pleased to announce that in latest edition of “Hunt Test Rules and Regulations” by Canadian Kennel Club, Barbet has taken a well-deserved place amongst Retreivers, Irish Water Spaniels and Standard Poodles as breed eligible to take part in Hunting Tests.  This would not happen without work done byJacques Cyr from Barbochos 3Rivières and […]

Bibiche – mission accomplished

Autre Super , Super Super grande Nouvelle , Champagne je dirais car en cette journée du 14 septembre au Ottawa Valley Golden Retriever Club en Ontario j’ai participé au test de certificat de travail (Working certificate Test ) et j’ai le  plaisir de vous annoncer que Bibiche Reiau de Prouvenco est devenue la première Barbet […]

Barbochos Guinness – second Barbet in Canada passes the hunting test

Jacques Cyr from Barbochos Trois Rivieres continues his great work for the breed, showing its hunting skills troughout many events in Canada. This time on 30th June his Barbochos Guinness won the hunting test title, and became second Barbet in Canada to hold this title. Needles to say that first title was won by Guinness […]

Bibiche Di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco

Here is another great news for  Barbet. At this weekend  Bibiche Di Barbochos Reiau of Prouvenco Barbet became the first Barbet in Canada to hold a title of  “Hunting test”, the Barbet is accepted only since January 2013. Bibiche did a hunting test and passed the test and become the first Barbet in Canada hold […]

Video for the weekend : Guinness

Here is a video of Guinness faithful companion of Jacques Cyr. Just watch and relax.