Seven Barbichons born in Quaciendas (NL)

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On 16 th of February Quaciendas Amy Unique gave birth to 7 puppies, 4 black girls and 3 black males. Proud father is Piki form Nelum Himalis.. Mom and puppies are doing well. More info – Quaciendas. Alex nad Greet decided to honour the work of Rainer T Georgii by giving the pups some very special names:

  • 1. Quaciëndas Joyeuse Georgii
    2. Quaciëndas Sangria Georgii
    3. Qujaciendas Udine-II Georgii
    4. Quaciëndas Fenka Georgii
  • 1. Quaciëndas Tokaier Georgii
    2. Quaciëndas Ramses Georgii
    3. Quaciëndas Thunus Georgii

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