Daphne & Chmurnik – Nappyroots “B” litter

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Daphne whelped 8 healthy, beautiful and happy Barbet puppies last night. Daphne and Chmurnik had 5 lovely boys (3 black, 1 brown and 1 fawn) and 3 stunning girls (2 black and 1 fawn). Everyone is a very nice weight ranging from 445g to 330g. Mom is doing well and does not leave her puppies at all. Daphne was an amazing natural whelper and did all the work for us other then me stepping in here or there. The puppies sleep, eat, crawl around and make the sweetest peeping sounds. I sure missed puppy noises. Daphne is currently sleeping while the pups feast.

We are so honoured to have such a healthy litter not to mention the 2 fawn pups. What a miracle! They are the first fawn pups in Canada and born in Canada too!

Pictures – Nappyroots “B” litter

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